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REACH - Family Weekend 2018

Over the 19th-21st October we were privileged to have attended the prestigious Family Weekend for the #ReachCharity (Helping children with upper limb differences live life without limits).

We spent a lot of time with the team in the weeks and months leading up to the event to ensure they had sufficient coverage to be played over the whole weekend.

The event is held for the members of this inspirational charity, with the program designed to maximise their experience. They give the attendees a chance to hear about the latest medical advances and hear the latest news from the charity plus an opportunity for guest speakers to share their experiences. Meanwhile exhibitors are showing off their life changing products and services and lets not forget there’s also workshops - allowing the children to experience and try out things they might not usually have an opportunity to use.

We were also present to record the memories of the event itself. We had the wonderful opportunity to capture some amazing moments, including guest speaker and well known celebrity Alex Brooker.

Rounding the Saturday off with a Gala night for those who attended, members were able to dress up and enjoy live music as well as celebrating achievements with an awards ceremony. There’s always time for fun & games with Reach, and it’s a great chance to raise much needed funds for the charity. It was a fantastic event and one we wouldn’t have missed for the world.

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