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Hot-desking is so hot right now!


Running your own business has a whole host of benefits. Freedom, being your own boss and forging the path you’re on. There is a drawback affecting many people running their own business though, loneliness. Of course, most of the time you are going to be far too busy to worry about being lonely, but sometimes it can hit you really stifle your creativity.

You may not have thought about it, but one of the best ways to feel part of a community is hot-desking somewhere. But what is hot-desking and what other great reasons are there for choosing it?

What is hot-desking?

A hot-desk is used by a variety of people, usually on a first come, first served basis. It is often seen in busy offices, whereby people will not have a desk to call their own, but share them with their colleagues. But the small business world has taken this economical decision by big companies and turned it into a way of working that was the best of all worlds!

Either pay-as-you-go or a monthly subscription, offices full of hot-desks are popping up all over the country. They’ve been around for a fair few years but what’s sweeping across the industry is finding funky new ways of making communities in these spaces. Quirky decorations, great coffee, fast internet; whatever it is that gets your creative juices flowing they’ve got it all.

The benefits of hot-desking

So, when you are all comfortable at home, with everything you need, it may seem a little strange to gather all your stuff up and head to a hot-desk. However, hot-desking actually has a variety of benefits for you to consider.

It gives you a chance to network and be a part of a community

Networking, a word that is enough to strike fear in the hearts of us all. The idea that we need to head to these awkward social get togethers and “chat” to like-minded business people, oh it is enough to make our heads spin. However, the truth is, networking, or being a part of a community is incredibly important for your business. Not only does it give you a chance to make contacts, but it also helps you to bounce ideas off and build a database of people who might be able to boost your business.

Hot-desking allows for an organic way to build a network, simply by chatting to people who you are sitting with, just like you would if you worked in a normal office environment.

It allows you to escape from home

As we have already covered, working at home, on your own, all the time, can make you feel a little like you have cabin fever. However, if you take time out to go for a walk or escape, then you are missing out on time at work. Instead, you could try hot-desking. Hot-desking means that you can get out of the house, but that you don’t have to worry about losing time working. The best of both worlds.

You never know who you might meet

A variety of people work within a hot-desk setting and one thing is for sure, you never know who you might meet when you do it. Hot-desking can give you the chance and opportunity to meet people that you wouldn’t otherwise get to meet and these people can become valuable contacts for your business.

We’ve found our Sociable Video Workshops work really well in places like this. A recent addition is Desklodge in Basingstoke. Check them out and tell them we sent you!!

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