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Sociable Video Workshop

Learn valuable communication skills and produce great video content ready to upload to your website & social media.

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Sociable Video Workshops: Service


This is why TalkPod came into existence. Providing your one-stop shop to improve your media skills. You'll also have something to take away with you on the day, Jumping straight into action

We run these at various locations across the UK. We've hand picked these venues as they are easy to get to, have a great atmosphere but most importantly have the best environment for filming. Giving you the best setup to get noticed for the right reasons!

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So what happens?

The workshop is half a day so you're not taken away from you do best for too long.

Session 1

Our communication guru Alastair Greener will lead a session to the whole group. You'll be guided through understanding your businesses message and how to effectively communicate that to your potential customers. This is all around sculpting the language that brings in your customers wherever they are on the customer journey.

Your combination has to reflect who you're talking to. The 6 stage of your customers journey with you are:

  • Awareness

  • Consideration

  • Evaluation

  • Purchase

  • Loyalty

  • Advocate

Once you understand that as the base it becomes easier to see what people like about your brand and how you can easily create content to engage them wherever they are in the process.

Session 2

After a quick break we'll start getting into the practical skills of the video format. Practical stagecraft and body language tips from Alastair, getting to grips with using equipment like autocue, lighting and fitting your own lapel mic. 

For those interested we can give you a run down of the TalkPod production workflow. You'll see how the combination of Andy's broadcast experience, James' live event experience and high quality equipment all make producing broadcast quality video easy.

The Filming

Once everyone is happy with the skills and their message it's "Lights, Camera, Action" on your very first TalkPod. a 5-10 minute filmed piece of content. You can shoot your own piece to camera or have a more relaxed conversation with Alastair about your business. You'll be able to hit all of your key messages while letting your customers get to know a bit more about you. We can also stream this live to your social media accounts as well as the TalkPod community.

You'll walk away from this session with instant access to what was just shot. an online link or bring your own USB stick to pull a copy hot off the presses of our encoder.

What happens next?

You'll be equipped with the skills to broadcast your own message but you'll also be a part of the TalkPod community. We're always running smaller sessions that allow you to book 30 minutes with Alastair and the vision team. Use this opportunity to get back on message, shoot a monthly or fortnightly vlog.

Sociable Video Workshops: Inner_about

How much?

£150pp - A half-day workshop for groups between 5 & 10 people.

£200pp - a full day workshop for groups between 10 & 25 people.

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What is our training knowledge based on?

Alastair is a communications trainer and professional presenter. Part of the Professional Speakers Association (PSA). 
His real-world experience in the media & corporate sectors help you present yourself in a way that gives your customers confidence in you.
The knowledge Alastair has on the behaviour of different user types on social media proves invaluable in sculpting the right message to get you more business!

How practical is the training?

Our approach to workshops is clear. 100% value, no padding. You don't need to know the history of social media if it doesn't help you win more business. All of your time with us is spent learning skills you can use straight away. The practical side doesn't start after you've left. You'll produce your very piece of sociable video during your time with TalkPod TV

That means if there's anything we've been unclear about or you could do with a little steering in the right direction we're on hand right away. 

How do I know the training works?

We've got plenty of happy clients, there's testimonials scattered all around the site.

For case studies of the businesses we've helped get in touch today!

Is the training long enough?

We think to truly get a grasp on the basic of presenting yourself on social media you need at least 3 hours. This will give you a fantastic foundation of what areas you should prioritise. After that we offer bespoke solutions to continue your adventure into sociable video

This introductory session is also the best way for us to get to know you. We're happy to follow up this workshop with a set of suggestions of how to improve your sociable video content. No obligation to use the TalkPod TV crew to produce your content.

Who else will be there?

You'll be training alongside other business owners. We like to hold sessions where creativity thrives. By bringing together entrepeneurs with the same goals the roganic networking that happens is a perfect by-product.

Our group sizes are limited to around 7 or 8. The reasons are 2-fold. From a technical perspective we want to be able to allow you to shoot your video in a timely manner. secondly we think that the more people there are, the less chance of having your questions answered and the workshop meeting your needs.

Will there be Wi-Fi?

Great question. 

Yes! All the venues we hold our taining in are well connected. Of course on a social media workshop you'd expect to be able to access yours but it tells you about the environment of these events. Certainly not death-by-PowerPoint and we want to see the way you cureently interact with your audience. It helps us create a bespoke training workflow for you!

Sociable Video Workshops: FAQ

What do people say about us?

Sociable Video Workshops: Testimonial

Adam Stevens - Mindcell

Great video content. Really helped our social media strategy. Snap these guys up while you can!

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